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Sunday, 29 June 2008

NECC Sunday Morning

Things are pretty quiet around here at present. My first attempt to link up with the Mac was foiled by an insidious little dead zone. Don't sit by the escalators on the main floor if you want to link up! Anyway after a rather embarrassing trip to the network doctor the link worked first try, did I say embarrassing? It was reminiscent of what happens at school, when the lap won't work for the teachers and the techs get things up and going on the first try. Did they doing anything differently than the teacher? Not usually!

I have decided to get on board with Twitter after fighting it for so long. So I now have a home page with a picture and have sorted out some more people to follow. My first event doesn't begin until 2:00 this afternoon so I won't be able to really see it in action until then, even with my measly 6 contacts. I hope to add more to the list later on today.

San Antonio is hot and humid, very much like El Salvador so I am feeling quite at home temperature-wise. I have tried both public transport and the conference shuttle service and they are both very easy to use and run like clockwork. The river walk is beautiful although it was packed yesterday when I was down there. I found the Alamo after a bit of wandering around and took a stroll through the compound just before closing, learning a bit more about Texas history as I did. It is funny I used to drive through San Antonio several times a year, so I can say I've been here many times, but I never stopped to visit on those trips and I am quickly coming to appreciate what a great place it really is.

Did I mention, I have learned how to fix my wordle code problems? Thanks George and Fernando!

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