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Thursday, 23 April 2009

Graphic Apps to Add to Your Toolkit!

I was wandering throught Twitter again today, after being informed I had a new follower-yes! Anyway this lead me to this newly resurrected blog on teaching with comics which of course got my attention immediately after all the work we have done with ToonDoo this year. Well I couldn't help myself I scanned the posts quickly and immediately came up with 3 new tools I just had to have!(Plus I left a comment about ToonDoo). The first of the tools is called Xtranormal and it allows one to create 3-d videos with a range of simple tools. It is a freebie and very user friendly which of course makes it even more special for those of us who teach. Another great tool is Block Posters, (once again it is free) which allows users to upload and slice images which are then dowloaded in PDF form for printing out as pieces of a larger poster. Finally, I have downloaded ComicLife for Mac from which is initailly free and allows users to create comics with photographs from their computers.

I have included a couple of examples below.

Xtranormal Link (having trouble with the embedding code)



  1. Hi, Thanks for talking about Graphic Apps. I am always on the look out for new graphic tools and applications to use on my website I have a collection of short multimedia clips for vocabulary building at my website. Have already tried Xtranormal, would love to try ComicLife and see what it can do for WordAhead. These tools not only give students some hands on experience but they also make learning very interesting and fun!
    I would love to connect with you on Twitter, I am FaizaK.

  2. Thanks for getting back to me. What a great website you have. I am going to spread the word to our various departments and link to it from the website, if that's alright. I have begun to follow you on Twitter, I am chelita_27. As you may have read below I am not terribly Twitterish, but recognise the need to tweet more often.