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Sunday, 26 May 2013

Friday morning started off with a small glitch. The electricity had gone out in the region. That in itself is quite common place in El Salvador. When the electricity goes off, you never really know how long it will be until it returns.  That of course means planning a day full of ICT lessons a bit more challenging. Sometimes you have to jump from Plan A to Plan C!

That's exactly what we did. Then iPads came out and the kids spent the first half of the lesson investigating ways in making short videos using puppet pals. Once they had done their first video, they then went on and explored various apps of interest that we had installed on the devices.

I have often found myself wishing for time to do just this with the kids. Timetables are tight and it is easy to "get behind" in one's plans. Sometimes a slight deviation from the intended route is just what is needed, even if it is, as this was, plan C.

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