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Monday, 16 March 2015

Working with MakeyMakeys

Today we held our first lesson with our new 8th grade creative carousel group.

This class is made up of students chose to take ICT in the latter part of the school year.

When planning the units for this last carousel of the year, we made the decision to use an exploratory approach within a PBL model of learning.

This week's lessons focus on input devices through the use of MakeyMakeys. The students discussed input devices, watched a short movie about MakeyMakeys and experimented with connecting up the devices to cardboard guitars and potatoes.  They then tested out their devices using a web version of guitar hero and a free download of Whack-a-Potato.

We found that once a few simple instructions were given, the kids were ready to roll. In fact they were extremely excited about using the devices and worked diligently in their groups, on each mini project.
I am including links to our  digital workbook here and a photo gallery from today's work. 

We are working with both Doctopus and Google Classroom. The workbooks were distributed using Doctopus directly to each group, which were also generated through Doctupus. We will be using Classroom to keep the stream going, assign homework and personal tasks to the students as the units progress.

Do check back for more updates as the project progresses.

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