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Wednesday, 2 July 2008

HotChalk and NBC News

The Hotchalk Learning Environment offers educational benefits of linking up with NBC: access to a bank of news videos, online resource banks which can be contributed to and updated and the creation of online classes. The content is linked to American standards, that said the wealth raw footage and primary documents within documentaries, news reports, pictures, political cartoons both current and going back as far as 1920's, is broad. Transcripts are available for all videos. The point was made that delving into the primary sources and listening to historical figures speak work students are better able to form their own ideas and opinions. It would be worth our while to register individually and try it out in August(it is free right now, 30 days then we have to pay).

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Wrongly or rightly, I have included some screen shots of various resources below, from the website to pique people's interest in it.

From historic footage to the latest events, NBC News and HotChalk will help you bring the real world into your classroom in a safe, secure online environment built with you and your students in mind.

A searchable archive with thousands of historic video resources, mini-documentaries, primary sources, text resources, and images aligned to classroom instruction
Get Started Today
Access to current event topics tied to core curriculum in a safe, student-friendly environment
Special bonus video collections including Decision 08', Black History Month, Women's Studies, Global Studies, Forensic Science and so much more!
Daily topics added so your video resources are always current and up-to-date - FREE lesson plans, classroom ideas from NBC News Producers, instructional advice, and more!

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