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Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Producing a School News Show

A group of teachers and administrators from Vestavia Hills Elementary School gave this presentation. Interestingly enough they started producing their news shows in a closet. While the recording room at our school is no studio, it is larger than a closet and will be big enough for our initial purposes. Some of the reasons they cited for producing a weekly or class news show were that it:

  • enhances instructional programs

  • increases writing and communication skills

  • allows kids to practice decision making

  • exposes students to various professions related to broadcast journalism

  • helps students to better understand ethical cultural and societal issues

  • Provides experience with operating technology tools

  • Increases productivity

  • improves research skills

  • improves problem-solving and decision making.

  • meets NETs Standards on all levels.

Some things it was suggested we consider over the course of this next year, as we build our broadcasting program are: lights ?

  • a modulator for close circuit? What about Ustreaming and parking it on the web?

  • rolling tripods?

  • shower curtain props!!

  • video and audio mixers?

Eventually if this takes off as I hope it will the next question I hope we will be asking is: Will our recording room suffice as we move along or could a larger room be made available?

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