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Thursday, 11 December 2008

Florida Virtual Library

Came across this in Will Richardson's post on the Future of Schools tonight-yes I am a few days behind!

Florida Virtual School and more importantly its virtual library have given me a tiny shove further in the right direction. There are people lining up(virtually I might add) to enroll in this school-that's teachers and students both! Those already enrolled are apparently high achievers and have the test results to back this up, if you value such things. Perhaps more importantly is how these same students must be functioning at a highly independent level. Are these kids are exceptional, if so why? Could it be that 2.0 learning is everything we are told it is? I would wager that it is and that our kids have already primed themselves for this type of learning. If only we as educators could buy into it and allow the power over learning that we hold, to shift across the balance.

1 comment:

  1. Liked the Virtual Library front page also!
    Tried the Florida Virtual School sample Math courses. Just textbook stuff which was not so accessible (Digital Immigrant?). I would have liked some audio to have read this to me and allowed me to concentrate on the diagrams.
    Oh well, not perfect but might work for some.