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Wednesday, 13 August 2008


Freepath is a must try for anyone running a Windows platform. Imagine being able to combine anything from the web within a presentation thereby eliminating the need for external links. Those of us who are Mac users will need to wait or borrow a PC.

Freepath plays anything on the web... ...with your favorite music, videos, photos and documents.

Finally, an easy way to tell your story. Just drag and drop your favorite stuff into Freepath's playlist — no need to convert files, upload videos or embed links. Just like that, your digital life became bigger and better! Best of all, it's FREE.

Free Download

Take the 90 second tour

Share ANYTHING in your library with ANYONE in the world. You can even exchange playlists with friends, family, classmates, colleagues and others you connect with at myFreepath.

Freepath Download

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