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Monday, 25 August 2008


Newscred is a better way to read the news, offering 3 columns of aggregated feeds, allowing readers access to the news from the world's leading newspapers and established blogs. This service encourages readers to vote on which articles and news sources they think are credible or not. The credibility trends and analysis are easily available with the click of a button.

This may prove to be a powerful tool for teaching web fluency units on evaluating web content as well as those of us whose work focuses on worldwide current events. What perfect timing for those in search of innovative tools for curriculum support during sy08/09.

Why Use NewsCred?

1) Read all the world's breaking news from quality newspapers and blogs.

2) Personalize your newspaper by selecting your favorite sources for each category.

3) Vote and learn which articles, journalists and news sources are credible and which ones aren't.

Take our 90-second Tour!

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