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Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Time Off and New Directions

I have took a great deal of time off from technology after the NECC Conference. It had gotten to the point where I was almost afraid to turn on a computer as I knew I would be locked in for hours upon doing so.

Now however as the new school year approaches I find myself easing back into things as I spend an increasing amount of time considering my plans and new initiatives.

One of these initiatives is Lunch on the Lawn at the LRC which I am very tempted to label as LOL (laugh out loud, Lots of love/luck ). Yes it may be intentionally funny if I get any student comedians and yes it may also provoke a few unsolicited laughs at times, plus we will probably require all the luck we can get to make this work, but the clincher is that LOL is an acronym from a language all students write on a daily basis.

Anyway All Acronyms Aside(this is where the alliteration ends) I am hoping to begin live streaming of the LOL in January, which will serve two very important purposes both related to accessibility. Students can tune in from anywhere around campus and footage can be recorded and accessed at other times, both of which will become crucial as the the rainy season hits again in April and the Lawn becomes a large puddle.

I envision using USTREAM for this very purpose. In July I created a show called Live at the LRC which I have done nothing with since but can anticipate becoming an important part of our weekly broadcast.

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