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Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Ode to MacBook Pro with Web Apps on the Side

Several months ago I forced myself into a very abrupt change in which I abandoned the year old lap running Windows for a 4 year old mac Powerbook G4. I am not saying the transition was without pain and certain frustrations, but it was well worth it. A historically steadfast proponent of Windows platforms, my conversion is now complete and I need not look back!

Christmas has come early this year, and brought with it a new MacBook Pro which arrived today. Yes I must admit it, I feel like a kid in a candy shop. Thanks George and Fernando! And yes,  I know everyone else has had one for ages, but it will impact my work on many levels that I intend on savouring every minute of it!

The  MacBook will play a vital role in my new job by providing the flexibility and power needed to run with our intended project work, as well as serve as a portal to my expanding virtual office. I have only just begun to play with this silver wonder, but as the song goes- Love is in the Air.   iMovie and Garage Band are first on the agenda which will help us get started on  joint video projects this year in Secondary.

Upon reflection, it is interesting how google docs and web.2.0 apps have changed the way I work. As it stands I don't feel at all phazed about not having the Windows or Mac office suites installed at present. I can manage quite well without them, whereas in the past I would have considered any computer without one or the other fairly useless. I have to wonder if this sublime shift has occured for our students in the same way.  With our upcoming push towards igoogle and google apps, Google is about to become a very important part of their lives, if it is not already.

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