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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Who needs a selfie stick when you have a drone?

Just kidding, although the drone does take good selfies! On a more serious notes, I would introduce our new addition to the ICT team and curriculum and mention some of the reasons for acquiring it.

The LRC and ICT departments recently co-purchased a drone. We opted for the phantom2
DJI, and it has more than met our expectations. The Phantom is destined for big things in ICT lessons. Some of our initial plans include using it as part of our Minecraft project and the work we do in SketchUp,  working with angles in video production, discussions around cyber security and privacy and we may even feature the drone as an actor at different events and in different videos.

There will be plenty more to come as the year rolls on.  None of this, however, can take place until we learn to fly it properly and for this we have taken on the roll of students. Our trainer, and assessor throughout the process is a student. He is an expert on working with drones and has been taking us through training sessions over the last two weeks.

We have captured a bit if video from the flights which I have included below. This was our first time flying and it wasn't without mishap. We did however get a good feel for using the drone and went on to further our expertise in a later session.

Update! Here is the link to an additional blog post on this drone written by our Primary ICT Coordinator.