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Monday, 18 November 2019

Global Education Conference 2019 and Library 2.0

Each year we participate in each of Library 2.0 and Global Ed Con.

This summer we had the opportunity to present the ways we used emerging technologies in the Library at the conference. This was a short session that we ran with some of the team in El Salvador and myself in Canada. It was the first time I had done this on a Cell phone and I was happily surprised that it went so well, considering Melissa, our librarian had to the change the slides for me as I spoke into my phone from thousands of miles away.

The second conference we presented at was the Global Education Conference which is taking place this week.

Our presentation focused on the ways in which we and our students work on projects, and activities through clubs and classes that focus on the UN SDGs.  In addition to this it demonstrated the ways in which we  attempt to broaden our student's global perspective, help them grow as global citizens who can make an impact, no matter how small, their world locally,  while thinking about the global situation.

The presentation recording will be available shortly and  as soon as I can I will post it here.  For now I have posted the link to the Google Slides presentation deck here.

Something very special about this presentation is that it was undertaken by a large team of both students and teachers, 14 of us in total. Despite a few last minute technical errors and a few seconds of dead air at times, while we shuffled speakers around, it ran fairly smoothly and everyone did an amazing job.

It is always heart warming to get positive feedback from attendees who have sat through a1 hour presentation. One such attendee, took a moment to speak with us at the end of the session. She had many a kind word for our presenters and thanked us all for sharing so many wonderful ideas and tools with everyone through the  presentation.

We look forward to running more of these sessions with each new year and sharing them with the world.