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Thursday, 29 August 2019

Brain Awareness Week at the LRC

This week the ABC celebrated Brain Awareness Week in many different ways. In the LRC we wanted to mix things up a bit and in doing so prepared quite a few exciting challenges that we had not done before with students.  

Students and staff had a wonderful time before and after school, at breaks and lunches and even in tutor time in one case, as they challenged themselves and each other while exploring the different activities.

The activities that really stood out this year were Spero Robotics mazes and bowling challenges, 3D Pen Printing, Rubik's Cube and Checkers Games (We need to buy more of these as they are so popular that the students want to hold a larger competion!), 5 minute lego challenges, and Chess. 

The 11th grade students who are in their final days of practice for the annual ABC Circus performances, Thursday and Friday even found some time in their busy schedules to come in and play.
It truly was a wonderful Brain Week fulll of laughter, excitement and active learning! We can't wait to do it again, and really Brain Week is every week at the LRC. 
We fully expect all of these activities to continue throughout the year in different ways, as students and staff are now better aware of all of the great activities they can take part in through clubs, the makerspace and regular visits through classes and outside of lessons.

The following is the menu of activities we had available for staff and students to take part in as well as links to explore further.

Have  a Wonderful Week!

LRC Team

Brain Week Activities
Sphero Mini Robot Challenges
Sphero BOLT Robot Challenges
Merge Cube 3D Augmented Reality
Lego Wall Design
3D Design and Printing with 3Doodler Pens
Chess and Checkers
Rubik's Cube Game
Leap Motion Challenges
Makey Makey Input Challenges
LittleBits Circuits and Design Challenges
3D Magnetic Building Tile Discovery