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Thursday, 26 March 2009

The Code of Best Practices in Fair Us e for Media Literacy Education

This recently released code is an important read for teachers working with digital projects.  "Fair use is the right to use copyrighted material without permission or payment under some circumstances—especially when the cultural or social benefits of the use are predominant."

The code outlines 5 principles, representing the media literacy community's views on fair use and copyright best practice in K-12 education as well as higher eduction and non profit enterprises.


One of my favourites from the past has returned. The LRC is proud to introduce the Scholastic book Club to our community. Scholastic is a popular book club that allows students from around the world to purchase quality literature, at a moderate price. Our first order is due to arrive just after the Easter holidays. We hope to continue submitting orders on a regular basis. You can have a look at what Scholastic has to offer at:   Scholastic Teachers

Saturday, 14 March 2009

LRC Extreme Readers

On of our goals for this year was to start up a Book Club. While most of our initial goals have been achieved, this particular one has not. For a while I though of using Librarything or Shelfari, but today while wandering through my GoogleReader for the first time in weeks, I came across BookSprouts. This site lets you form a club, join other clubs, keep clubs private or open, hold discussions, vote on the next book and is basically a web presence for you book club. I am really looking forward to launching this at school, hopefully prior to
Easter and arranging for the necessary books in multiple copies to get it going.