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Friday, 17 December 2021

Paper Circuit Christmas Cards


 Creative learning at the LRC is alive and well. This week students had the opportunity to construct light-up  Christmas cards by building paper circuits, which use paper, copper tape, battery packs and LED lights.

This is one of several Christmas-themed activities brought to our students by way of the LRC Makerspace. 

A big thanks to our team of librarians for all of the exciting projects they have run for our students.

Visit with the Maquilishuat School

 Today we were honoured with a special visit by the sub-director and librarian of Maquilishuat School here in El Salvador. During the visit, we were able to show our visitors around the physical and digital LRC as well as share good practices in the running and development of school libraries as resources centres for learning. Our primary focus was on educational provisions for the school community, collection access, and development, community service projects, and digital equipment and resources.  

The visit would not have been complete without an opportunity to explore experiential learning ideas featuring some of our favourite digital learning tools including Ozobot, Sphero Mini and Bolt, and Lego Robots, our beloved 3D printers and pens. We also had an opportunity to share our current VR and AR provisions including Oculus Quest, Google Cardboard, and Merge Cubes.  These technologies while used by students from 6th-12th grade in certain subjects will soon form the backbone of our proposed LRC Mixed Reality Lab or MR Lab for short.  

The MR Lab is an internal project which the LRC Team has begun to develop in conjunction with the ICT department. Through this project, we endeavor to insert AR and VR experiences more predominantly into student learning across disciplines both within and outside of lessons, in a safe, dedicated space, within the LRC.  It will provide opportunities to explore both virtual and augmented reality through preexisting experiences across platforms,  as well as provide the resources for students to view and interact with their own design projects in 3D and 360-degree formats.  We will share more on this in future blog posts, as the project develops further.

As educators, we believe it is vital for schools to work together as part of the larger educational community. This is a vision we share with many of the educational organisations in the country including La Escuela Maquilishuat. Communication,  shared initiatives, and support between centres of learning and their libraries are fundamental to meeting the current and projected needs of our school communities and it is important that we explore ways in which to address the challenges facing institutions, together.  Our meeting, therefore, would not have been complete without a discussion of the concerns facing libraries today and strategies for further improvement and outreach within our educational communities. As a result, we have also identified further opportunities through which to further extend the relationships that currently exist between our two schools and have planned to meet up again in the new year to discuss additional collaborative initiatives and events between the two schools. 

One such opportunity was that of the Sleeping Mat Club in which students work together outside of normal lessons to create sleeping mats out of plastic bags for those less fortunate than themselves.

Here is the link to our Flickr Album of photos of the visit.

Thursday, 11 November 2021

Supporting Local Universities


Today the LRC Team had a visit from a group of Library Sciences students from the University of El Salvador. This was a follow-up session from a virtual meeting a week ago in which the students interviews the librarians about the LRC and its workings.

We were asked for a tour but prepared an experience for them that we hope not only illustrated many of the functions and purposes of the LRC in an engaging way but also, highlight ways in which they as future librarians can engage members of their communities through experiences which can be adapted across subjects and grades, at a low cost or no cost. 

This was an enjoyable experience for all and many important connections were made.

We have encouraged the students to keep in touch and keep us abreast of their professional endeavors.  We do hope that the students will take us up on our offer to support them as they move from university to their first library postings. 

It is a wonderful thing to hear that we are considered by many, including university professors to be the best school library in the country. The LRC has come a very long way since 2008 and we endeavor to ensure that the innovative learning, resource collections, community engagement, and support continue to develop and improve, in the benefit of our ABC and local communities. 

Please click on the link to view more photos from this event.

Thursday, 3 June 2021

STEAM Fest 2021 Has Launched!


The long-awaited online Exhibition launched on Wednesday of this week. 

Projects for this modified version of our annual STEAM Fest extravaganza were drawn from the work of students across the secondary school, the majority of which were developed in their ICT lessons, but some of which were developed by the students outside of lessons as well. 

We invite you to view the site and the projects on our STEAM Fest website. Do be aware that much of the content is set at private, viewable by the ABC community, in order to protect the privacy of our students. If you cannot view it, do ask your son or daughter, brother or sister to log in with their ABC credentials so you can view it together.

Workshop: Overcoming the Challenges of Confinement. The case of the Academia Britanica Cuscatleca’s Learning Resource Center (LRC).

Written by the LRC Librarians

English Version

This year we participated once again in the Salvadoran Library Association's Cultural Week. This year was the 32nd and was declared the Ibero-American Year of Libraries- Libraries Building the Future.

During the sessions, we shared our experiences with the challenges brought on by a change from interactive physical spaces to interactive virtual spaces, as well as the tools that allowed us to facilitate these changes. 

We also discussed the challenges of online education, in particular the lack of access to our physical teaching resources (computers, book collections, 3D design printing equipment, electronics, and robotics sets, the kitchen, and more) and how we managed to facilitate electronic access to learning in these areas, albeit in a different manner.

One of the main challenges we focused on was the need to modify our approaches as we went from having personal contact with students and sharing learning experiences, in an environment rich in educational resources available to students, to a more restricted environment via online access and communications.

In doing so we were able to share how this experience not only allowed us to operate fully with modifications during the closure of spaces brought on by the pandemic but also impacted the manner in which we will operate post-pandemic. The result was a series of short workshops in which we taught our colleagues some basic practices for services that can be delivered electronically and with it provided a list of useful, free, resources that can be shared with the rest of the community. 

We focused on the ease of use and the potential impact the following tools can bring to any library setting:

-Create interactive spaces with slides and Bitmoji 

- Basic photo editing

- Google devices

- Websites

- Canva

It was a pleasure to always share with our fellow librarians and teachers, to create important links here at home and abroad, and continue to learn together as a community.

Taller: Superar los desafíos del encierro. El caso del Centro de Recursos de Aprendizaje de la Academia Britanica Cuscatleca (LRC).

Spanish Version

Este año participamos una vez más en la Semana Cultural de la Asociación de Bibliotecarios Salvadoreños. Este año fue el número 32 y fue declarado Año Iberoamericano de las Bibliotecas - Bibliotecas Construyendo el Futuro.

En el contexto de la pandemia, compartimos con la comunidad más amplia de bibliotecarios nuestras experiencias con los desafíos provocados por el cambio de espacios físicos interactivos a espacios virtuales interactivos, así como las herramientas que nos permitieron facilitar estos cambios.

Al hacerlo, reflexionamos sobre los desafíos de la educación en línea, en particular la falta de acceso a nuestros recursos físicos de enseñanza (computadoras, colecciones de libros, equipos de impresión de diseño 3D, conjuntos de electrónica y robótica, la cocina y más) y cómo logramos facilitar acceso electrónico al aprendizaje en estas áreas, aunque de manera diferente.

El principal desafío fue, sin duda, nuestra mentalidad al pasar de tener contacto personal con los estudiantes y compartir experiencias de aprendizaje, en un entorno rico en recursos educativos disponibles para los estudiantes, a un entorno más restringido a través del acceso y las comunicaciones en línea. Al hacerlo, pudimos compartir cómo esta experiencia no solo nos permitió operar completamente con modificaciones durante el cierre de espacios provocado por la pandemia, sino que también impactó la forma en que operaremos después de la pandemia. El resultado fue una serie de talleres cortos en los que les enseñamos a nuestros colegas algunos conceptos básicos para los servicios que se pueden entregar electrónicamente y con ello proporcionamos una lista de recursos útiles y gratuitos que se pueden compartir con el resto de la comunidad.

Al hacerlo, nos centramos en la facilidad de uso y el impacto potencial que las siguientes herramientas pueden aportar a cualquier entorno de biblioteca:

-Crear espacios interactivos con diapositivas y Bitmoji

- Edición de fotos básica

- Dispositivos de Google

- Sitios web

- Canva

Fue un placer compartir siempre con nuestros compañeros bibliotecarios y profesores, para crear vínculos importantes aquí en casa y en el extranjero y seguir aprendiendo juntos como comunidad.

Wednesday, 12 May 2021

ABC DVA 2021 (Digital Video Awards)

DVA Special Update!

Please go to the LRC blog via this link to learn more about the event, the nominees, and the winning videos and producers and watch the live stream. You can also view the nominee winning producer/video list below.

The much anticipated ABC Secondary School DVA will take place this week. Do come out to the virtual event and support all of the wonderful student creativity that has taken place this school year. 

We will be using the ABC Bull Dogs Livestream for the event. Please use this link to access it or go to the DVA Website to access it from there. 

We look forward to seeing you all at DVA 2021. 



Friday, 7 May 2021

Secondary Book Week-Announcement 2!

The LRC Team would like to thank everyone who participated in Book Week 2021 and made it the amazing event it was. You may remember from our earlier post that this year's Book Week was very unique in that it was planned and organised as a collaborative project between IB school libraries and local organisations in El Salvador.  You can read more about that here.

It is now time to report on some of the highlights which arose from the participation strand.

Calligram Competition

The LRC team would like to congratulate Nadine Salume in 7th grade for taking part in and winning the Book Week Calligram Competition with her rendition in the representation of the Hunger Games Novel, which she designed using text arranged to depict an image.  Well done Nadine for your hard work on this initiative!  We look forward to your participation in future activities as well. 

9th Grade Assembly

We also have a winner from 9th grade Michael Romero for leading with student responses during the Book Week Assembly. Well done and a huge thank you to Michael for sharing his ideas with staff members and students during assembly.

Creative Writing Exhibition 

Catalina Portillo in 11th grade won the Creative Writing Exhibition piece for her video submission in which she reads to us from her piece entitled Omaha Beach, which focuses on the power of courage. We would like to thank Catalina as well as all of the participants in this challenge for their exemplary written pieces. We look forward to more creative works from these students and would like to encourage them and others to continue sharing their literary endeavors with us. 

You can view all the submissions here.
(Please be aware that some of the student content is only accessible with ABC login credentials)

Finally, Challenge #3

Read 2 Books per Month, is a student initiative being run by Juan Santos and Sofia Tapias, which as the name states, is a challenge to read 2 or more books each month. This initiative will continue to run until the end of the school year.  Do please consider taking part.