All of these programs are FREE (open source) to use and redistribute.
OpenOfficeOffice suite
CelestiaGalaxy simulation
ClamWinFree Anti-Virus with automatic updates
FirefoxBetter, safer browser than IE
FreeMindIdea mapping tool
GIMPGNU Image Manipulation Program - Like PhotoShop
InkscapeVector Drawing and SVG Graphics program
OpenClipArtSVG graphics, use with Inkscape
AudacitySound editing
You should also install the LAME MP3 plugin and others on the downloads page.
Paint.NETPaint Program
Install MS framework first.
PDFCreatorPrint any document as a PDF file
You'll also need GNU Ghostscript to use Scribus.
DesktopPublishing program - like Pagemaker

SpyBot Search & DestroySpyWare Blocker
Very good program
StellariumNight sky viewing program - very good
TightVNCAllows virtual viewing and control of laptop
TuxPaintSimple paint program for younger children
Download the extra stamps too!
TuxTypeSimple typing game
These programs are FREE to install and use. Downloads are available through distributor's web sites.
Google Earth3D Earth mapping with satellite imaging. Very cool...
Adobe Flash, Acrobat, ShockwaveBrowser plugins from Adobe. You'll need to download and install these AFTER you install Firefox.
iTunesSupplies Qucktime and software to subscribe to podcasts
MS dot net frameworkRequired for various programs
Real PlayerPlayer for real media audio and video
RealProducer BasicCreate your own real media from audio and video clips
BurnisoSimple iso cdrom burnerDownload link
SkypeFree Internet phone software