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Thursday, 30 April 2015

Visiting Local Libraries #2

On Wednesday, April 29th, the Club ReciLectura visited Nuevo Cuscatlan’s Library. During the visit the our ABC students shared the activities they had prepared with 4th grade students from the Pedro Pablo Castillo School. The activity was entitled,  "My First Book". The goal of this particular activity was to share in a reading of  "Year of the Jungle"  by Suzanne Collins and and to follow up with a related writing activity. 

Year of the Jungle  is an autobiographical picture book, which focuses on a father and his daughter who are separated when the father is sent off to fight in the Vietnam War. 

The students enjoyed the reading which was followed up by a short writing project. The project had the 4th grade students writing their first recycled book. In doing so they were to use recycled materials and write about something happy that they had lived through, or an activity they enjoyed doing.

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Post by: Hilda Gomez

This was a very successful activity, which brought students together, encouraged them to express themselves, and brought a certain focus to the important topics of families and the environment. Our ABC students were a bit reluctant to leave at the end of the session and many of the 4th graders felt the same way. They all left feeling a great sense of commitment to their project work.

This is the second in series of library visits our club will be making and we look forward to posting more information about their work, when the time comes. 

Here is a link to our post about the club's first library visit during Earth Week of this year. 

Jennifer Garcia
LRC Coordinator