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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

DVA 2016

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The 6th Annual DVA was a Fantastic success. This was a gala event in which students, teachers and parents came from across the school in celebration of ABC student digital video work.  A wonderful audience was in attendance to witness the numerous awards that were given out during the evening. 

We would like to offer an additional word of congratulations to Victor Hugo Salazar in 11th grade, who this year became a member of the DVA Committee and produced the final video production for the show. 

Do have a look at our Flickr Album, The LRC Facebook page additional for photos and details about this event.

Here is the list of winning videos:

2nd Grade Animation

Ariella Schaeuffler for The Hungry Shark

3rd Grade Animation
Gerardo Cuellar Scratch Toy Design

4th Grade Animation

5th Grade Animation
Adriana Menjívar for Agario Animation

KS3 Animation
Eliza Giammattei, Pablo Hernández,Daniel Figueroa, Adriela Grijalva for Snowflakes on Track

KS2 Educational
Diego Salguero for How to Make a 2x2 Piston Door

KS3 Educational
Maria Paulina Garrido for Huge Volcano Eruption

Star Wars Parody
Airi Shibata, Ivana Salomé, Montserat Gagliardo Monge for Star Wars A Capella

Independent Trailer
Víctor Hugo Salazar and Natalia Castaneda for Buble gum

IB Promo

Víctor Hugo Salazar and Andrés López for Introduction to IB Film

11th Grade Short

Víctor Hugo Salazar, Gabriela Zedán and Mauricio Velásquez for Time to Move

IB Short
Javier Miguel for Letters to Heaven

Movie of the Year
Victor Hugo Salazar, Gabriela Zedan and Mauricio Velasquez for Time to Move

    Tuesday, 10 May 2016


    The 6th Annual ABC Digital Video Awards is almost upon us.  Thursday May 19th is the date for this this gala event, the purpose of which is to highlight excellence in student video work, done throughout the school year.

    This year we have 52 student filmmakers, from 2nd to 12th grade,  involved as nominees in the following categories, (some within several subcategories):

    Best Animation
    Best Educational Video
    Best Star Wars Parody
    Best Advertisement
    Best Short Film
    Movie of the Year

    The theme is Star Wars, and at 7:30pm on the 19th of May, those people lucky enough to be in the PAC, will be transported to a galaxy far far away.

    Community voting opened on Monday and will be closed as of 3:00 this Thursday, in time to tally the votes and prepare the awards.

    We would like to thank all of the parents in advance, whose children have been nominated for an award,  for their support the evening of the event. Please ensure that you fill in the RSVP you were sent.

    Do mark your calendars as this is an event you will not want to miss.